Failsafe Recipes: Main Meals

Vegetarian combo (V)

This delicious meal is a failsafe version of the popular spread at the OR2K restaurant in Kathmandu, Nepal in which each diner is served with a range of dips and sauces in small bowls with plates of salad vegetables, falafels and flatbreads for dipping.

Dips: your choice of:


bean dip

tzatziki dip

Ann's cashew sauce from the gado gado recipe

lentil spread


Mighty Mayo

Bread: your choice of 2 different shapes of fresh failsafe flatbreads for dipping e.g. homemade flour tortillas or mountain bread, naan bread, wraps

Salad vegetables: your choice of chunks of any three or four vegetables on a plate, suitable for dipping e.g. celery, lettuce, cabbage (all low in salicylates), cucumber, carrot, beetroot, snow peas (all moderate in salicylates)