With big thanks to Rona!

Most of you know about us but if you don't thought I should list them here and please add any other blogs that you have loved :)




Some of us use a Thermomix so we have set up a failsafe Thermomix group with recipes and a place to ask questions etc  https://www.facebook.com/groups/139914166142279/  

At the Failsafe Table is a free 'Newspaper' you can subscribe to, which holds all the posts of 5 Failsafe Blogs for the week  http://www.failsafetable.com/ 

This Pinterest page is a recipe index of ANY Failsafe recipes on ANY blog.  So far there are more than 300 recipes and ideas all catagorised to make it easy to search http://pinterest.com/failsafetable/ 

See also the fedup website recipe collection http://fedup.com.au/recipes