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Easy chicken stock

Bones can be rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and to a lesser extent potassium, silicon and other trace minerals. Stock made from bones (bone broth) is now considered to be a high quality multi-mineral and protein supplement. See . Preferably use organic or free-range chicken which will have stronger better quality bones.

fresh or frozen chicken necks and/or wings (or left over chicken carcass from roast)
cold water
pinch of citric acid (now listed as moderate ... so optional or only use a little)
1 cup chopped celery and shallots
optional: small piece of carrot if not on strict diet

Put chicken necks and/or wings in a small saucepan with other ingredients. Add enough cold water to cover bones. Put saucepan on stove on low heat and slowly bring to the boil, reduce heat and simmer until it smells good - e.g.1-2 hours or more (longer if starting with raw meat but be aware that long cooking may develop too many amines). Optional, you can cook the raw chicken necks in the microwave first. If using raw meat you may need to skim off the scum after the first hour. When cooked, strain into another container and discard the bones. Cool in fridge and skim off fat when it hardens. Store stock in refrigerator (5 days) or freezer (months). You can use this stock in vegetable soups, with noodles (e.g. Fantastic rice noodles), over pot roasts and in other recipes calling for stock.