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Failsafe sports drink 2 Home-made “staminade” recipe from WHO

Rehydration drinks and sports drinks replace fluids and electrolytes. This is useful for extreme athletes who sweat a lot each day due to hours of hard exercise in a hot environment such as this failsafer: ‘My husband who is food intolerant finds our home made "staminade" helpful. He works outside in the Darwin heat and under hot engines and excessive sweating and heat exhaustion can be a problem. He sips this between drinking lots of plain water throughout the day and feels better for it’.

1 tsp salt
10 tsp sugar
1 litre drinking water

Most people who exercise for less than an hour don't need sports drinks. Warning: Adult sports drinks should not be used for babies and young children. Children with diarrhoea need rehydration drinks designed for children. – thanks to Donna from the failsafeNT group. See also