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Homemade butter

You can use this recipe to make additive-free butter in countries where commercial butter contains annatto (160b) colouring. It’s fun to show children where butter comes from, and there’s an option of shaking the cream with a marble in a jar. This butter tastes so much better than commercial butters that we like to eat it without toppings.

1-2 cups (1/3 litre) of heavy whipping cream or double cream, preferably without carrageenan or other stabilisers.

Pour cream into food processor bowl until the bowl is about one quarter to one half full. If the cream has been refrigerated, for best results wait until it warms to about 15°C (60°F) but this in not essential. Process until it suddenly changes from firm whipped cream to a lump of yellowish butter in watery buttermilk. Drain off the buttermilk and set aside. The butter has a mild, fresh flavour and can be eaten now or, to make it last better, you can rinse it repeatedly in the processor with half cups of icy water. Finally, place in a chilled bowl and work the water out with a potato masher, add several pinches of salt if you want before smoothing out into a container and storing in the refrigerator. For more details and photos of the various stages, see This process makes about half as much butter as the amount of cream you started with, plus highly nutritious buttermilk. You can drink the buttermilk or use it in recipes like Buttermilk scones.