Failsafe Recipes: Other recipes and hints

Magic cordial

Our grandmothers called this 'poor man's lemonade'. A failsafe three-year-old calls it magic because it looks like water and tastes like lemon cordial. The following recipe is for the syrup, which can then be diluted to taste. Like all sweetened drinks, this should be limited.

1 cup sugar

1 cup boiling water

½–1 tsp citric acid

Place water and sugar in a two-cup jug and stir until sugar is dissolved. Add citric acid. Store in the refrigerator in a glass bottle such as a tonic-water bottle. Dilute to taste with water before drinking.

VARIATION: for failsafe lemonade drizzle a small amount of the sugar syrup above into a glass and top with plain soda water or mineral water. Even small quantities of preservative-free commercial lemonade can affect sensitive children.

'For the most part water is their main source of fluids, lemonade for treats and now, even better, magic cordial. The best thing is I can sneak a magic cordial and everyone thinks I'm drinking water. Vodka, magic cordial and soda water is not a bad treat either for social occasions for Mum.' Reader, Darwin