Failsafe Recipes: Sweet things, biscuits, desserts

Dominic's Pop-Rocks

Similar to candied popcorn, these are my kids favourite sweet treats - they share them with friends at teeball and soccer and their friends love them so my kids feel on top of the world, and not quite so 'different' for a while.  They are cheap to make and great for parties - everyone can eat them! - Sheryl

2 cups regular white sugar
1/2 cup water
1 to 2 tsp Nuttelex (butter)
1 packet of Sunrice Plain Rice Cakes, crumbled

On low heat, put the first three ingredients into a saucepan in the order listed above. DO NOT STIR. Allow to come to a slow rolling boil.  At first, there will be lots of bubbles as the mixture boils, but after 5 to 10 minutes the bubbles will slow down or diminish - the butterscotch is now starting to go through its final stages and you will need to watch it carefully from here. While it is cooking, you can be crushing the rice cakes. You don’t have to make these too small, as they will get smaller when being stirred or shaken in the airtight container later. Allow the butterscotch mixture to become golden. Turn off the heat but do not remove the pan from the hotplate. Using a clean wooden spoon (plastic might melt!) stir the crushed ricecakes into the butterscotch. Mix well until all the rice cake crumbs are covered - leaving the pan on the hotplate allows you the time to mix everything without it starting to go hard too quickly. When thoroughly mixed, pour the pop-rock mixture into a baking-paper lined slab tin and spread out. When cool, break into pieces and store in an airtight container.