1 and a half cups rice flour
1 and a half tbsp soya flour
half cup sugar
1 tsp Ward's (or other gluten free) baking powder
125 g failsafe margarine (e.g. Nuttelex)
up to half a cup of water
more flour as needed

Mix dry ingredients together. Mix in margarine with a fork or rub in lightly, until mixture has a fine texture. Add enough water to form a soft dough. Form into balls the size of marbles, adding more flour if necessary to assist rolling into balls, do not flatten. Place on oven tray and bake for 10-12 minutes at 200°C. Allow to cool and use in lunchbox, or make icing and glue to mini biscuits together to make MEMMs. Dust with icing sugar if desired.

1 cup pure icing sugar
2 tsp failsafe butter, melted
1 heaped tsp Nescafe decaf
1 tbsp hot water

Sift icing sugar and stir in butter. Add decaf coffee to hot water, mix well and add to icing sugar mixture slowly until the required consistency is reached. This can be made easily in a food processor but be sure to add the liquid very slowly.   - Thanks to Max (aged 10)