Failsafe Recipes: Sweet things, biscuits, desserts

Pear sorbet

As recommended in the blog on failsafe management for colds and flu


2 large ripe pears, or 1 x 400g can pears in syrup (not in juice)
1/2 tsp citric acid

Peel ripe pears or drain canned pears. Dice and add citric acid to stop browning. Process to a pulp in a food processor or Thermomix or use a wand blender. Freeze. To make the sorbet, thaw until it can be broken up with a spoon, whizz in blender or by Thermomix to give a cold slushy mixture. Serve immediately.

OR for a more diluted slushie effect, use the Thermomix recipe on page 149, with 300 g of fruit and 700 g of ice cubes.