I wrote to you several years ago when I first read your book and put my son, now 10, on your diet. I followed it for approximately a year when I decided that I wanted a professional to confirm what I was doing. So I attended dietician appointments with my son for about 6 months. I would have been better off doing it myself all along. The dietician confirmed that my son had an intolerance to salicylates. Then she proceeded to wean him onto them - every second day. It only took one week for his teacher to come to me on bended knee asking me to return to what I was doing with his diet, and to cut a long story short he was banned from ever attending a school function again. I argued with the school, saying that if he was an epileptic they would understand it was a problem out of his control - bottom line - he is now allowed at school functions and we have had two years incident free, until recently.

It seems my son can react to salicylates just from handling them. We have a weekend house that has prolific orange trees. One Saturday afternoon when my son was picking oranges for the rest of the family to eat, he became "the monster". There was no improvement and on Monday morning he fought with his sister about juicing the oranges. At school he was worse than anyone had seen him before, running away from the classroom. When he was found and taken back to class, he locked the teacher and children out of the classroom. The deputy took him to her office to try to calm him down (she is a believer in the diet) and claims that he just continued to babble and talk gibberish. He was suspended from school for two days after this incident. All his regular teachers are at a loss to explain how this child who is by nature helpful, courteous and bubbly can suddenly become this "monster". After the monster phase he became very lethargic and fell asleep continually. He was still irritable and altogether it took two weeks for him to return to his old self. - by email