[357] 282: commercial bread, speech delay and autistic symptoms (December 2004)

I have taken my 3yo son off all commercial bread products (it's become quite a crusade for me!) with marvellous results.

When my son was 18 months he was only just babbling. He was considered to have the language skills of a 9 month old.

After 6 months of speech therapy he was starting to mimic animal noises with prompting.

By 27 months he had 2 words - mummy and no.

At 30 months I took him off commercial bread and at 34 months, he just started talking one day.

At 36 months (last week) he now has the normal vocabulary of a 3 - 3.5 year old, and the understanding of language of a 4 year old.

He is still having problems with actual speech, he only uses 2 word phrases most of the time and stutters occasionally, but the change in him in 4 months was amazing. He also has less tantrums, sleeps better and is generally easier to get along with. He was going to be assessed for autistic disorders in a few weeks, but since taking him off 282 he has changed (he talks now! and his behaviour is so much better) and I know that his paediatrician will be amazed at his progress.

Occasionally, (about once every second month) we travel to the city and Hungry Jacks is a real treat for us. Unfortunately, he likes the plain burger (just meat and sauce) but we pay for it for the next 24 hours - tantrums, inability to sit still, argumentative, aggressive and generally hard to get along with.

My son has quite an interesting medical history as he was diagnosed at 7 months with Failure to Thrive and at 10 months with maternal induced Vitamin B12 deficiency (he was totally breast fed and it was discovered that I had Pernicious Anaemia). - Naomi, South Australia