I was lucky enough to come and see you talk recently. Our son is nearly 8 years old and I reckon for 7 of those years he has been very hard to handle, episodes involving throwing things at me, chasing me, yelling, getting so upset he would go blue and lose his breath. We have taken him off a lot of foods you recommend not to give your children, and his behaviour improved, episodes consisted of whingeing or crying for 10 minutes instead of hours. Since seeing your talk, we have cut out a lot more foods, and I have stopped using my beloved Red Door perfume, within a week we have seen an amazingly different child, he now sits with us, not hyperactive, yes mum, no mum. I said to my husband I am overwhelmed as for the past 7 years I have known a naughtier child. We both want to thank you so much for giving us our darling little man to us. We have the opportunity to give him a better way of feeling and acting, it is all to you, although I miss my perfume, I have now given it to my mum and my husband and I are enjoying some special days with our child. We now only feed him fresh foods - no processed foods, home made cooking for school lunches. Thank you so very much - parent, Victoria.