Thanks so much! I'm buying DVDs  for all my family members because Sue's book "Fed Up" has turned my family completely around. We have in the past month made every effort to remove additives and preservatives from our diet and the results have been astounding. My 13 year old son has been angry and depressed for most of his life, to the point that we have had him at a psychologist but within two weeks of altering his diet he has become happy and affectionate, constantly telling me he loves me and that he no longer has a foggy head! We are yet to do the elimination diet (I'm waiting for my husband to finish the book) but have already noted that salicylates do seem to be a problem for some of us. The difference has been so enormous that at least three of my friends have gone out and bought Fed Up having seen our improvements. I think I have also singlehandedly cut the sales of Tim Tams in our area quite dramatically since we found out via Sue that the beautiful chocolate colour is not from chocolate! In addition, I've noticed a couple of unexpected benefits: firstly, our taste buds seem to have improved (for example, I have never been able to stomach the richness of lamb before but suddenly can) and secondly, by going back to basics with the cooking we seem to be developing a much closer bond as a family... I'm not sure I can explain it, but it's something to do with putting love and care into everything we cook. A sort of return to old values, I suppose. – reader, Sydney.