My wife is acutely allergic to the orange colour tartrazine (102). The first incident was with "fresh" orange juice. There were no labelling requirements at this time, and the orange juice itself was thought to be the cause.

The second incident was when she was prescribed antihistamines, coloured orange, for a bout of hay fever. She went into anaphylactic shock. Later the doctors at the hospital remarked how interesting it was that the tablet that was keeping her alive was also trying to kill her. It was at this point that 102 was identified as the culprit.

Since then we have attempted to avoid 102 whenever possible but we have been caught several times by undisclosed use of the product. We find local food providers are generally co-operative when they understand the consequences. However, corporations do not care …recently I noted that Marathon was again adding 102 to its products.

As I understand it the pharmaceutical companies are not required to label their products …a recipe for disaster. We have to open the coloured capsules so that the foul tasting contents can be taken with water - reader, Qld