This is about a mother's struggle with her daughter's epilepsy and what it took to give her daughter's life back to her. (from Andrea Collins' epilepsy list)

"My daughter is 7 years old. She has development delay, autism and was diagnosed with Lennox Gastaut Syndrome at the age of 2. She began the Ketogenic diet Jan 2000, and came off of it July, 2003. She was on the diet for 3 years and 3 months. She became seizure free 14 months after the diet was started. (It took 9 months to wean her off all the drugs and another 5months to take out all the foods that were causing her problems.) I found the diet very difficult as I didn't have the medical backup to see me through it. Found a Paed 3 months before she became seizure free who believed in what I was doing. A mum off this list was my only support. I would not have done it without her. I was so tired and felt so sorry for my daughter being on such a restricted diet and yet still having seizures but I had to see if the diet actually worked on its own. Her last seizures were all occurring during her sleep and I thought "at least she's not hurting herself" but I was forever running into her bedroom to help her get through her seizures. I was so frightened that I had done the wrong thing, weaning her off of all her drugs and the seizures were not getting any better. I was lucky to find a Paed that believed in what I was doing. She actually advised me not to reintroduce the drugs. The best thing I ever did was getting rid of the drugs altogether because I was then able to fine tune. What I did find however, that whatever she ate really affected her. Two days before she became seizure free I removed carrots from her diet because that was the only food I was giving her in the last meal that wasn't "failsafe" and a miracle happened. The following night she had a cluster of 20 very slight myoclonics and that cluster was the last seizure she ever had (April, 2001) and has been off the Keto Diet since July 2003, however she remains on the Failsafe Diet and Dairy free. I have since tried her on carrots and found her to be having staring sessions (were they absence seizures??) and keep her off of foods with beta-carotene. It's paid off in the long run. She is talking, doing well at school, playing with other children, enjoys her food (although I still have her on a mild diet watching what she eats) and is generally happy 100% of the time. I don't know what I would have done without the Ketogenic Diet and Failsafe foods."