Maybe as parents we should take our children into these places, give them the harmful products and walk out and say see what happens and good luck.  Then they might start listening. I did this to my son's school recently after they thought I was a mother overreacting to my son taking part in morning tea that was brought in by other students in the class.  The Principal actually commented that "you need to let your children have a bit of fun in their lives".  So I decided to let him join in the fun!

They got the shock of their lives when they saw the reaction they got in my son.  His teacher made a comment to me that she was shocked at the change it caused in him.  He was totally uncontrollable.  I said "yes, I am not a mean mum just a caring one".  She then said that she had discussed it with the Principal and they know that I am trying with him.  It's amazing how they change their mind when you show them. Unfortunately he had to get into trouble to get their attention.  But I think I have well and truly got their attention now - Tania from WA