I have been on the diet for nearly 4 years. It has helped me a lot because when I was eight I was really naughty such as screaming all the time and hitting people and hitting my head on the wall. It felt so bad but now I am on the diet I feel so much better - I don't get headaches or pains in my side and feel sick in the stomach all the time. When I first found out about the diet and Learning Connections explained why I was acting and feeling the way I did I was so happy - happy that it wasn't me that was naughty or bad inside - it was the food I was eating. I can't eat takeaways now but I don't mind because my mum cooks nuggets and chips. I used to be sad that I couldn't eat my favourite fruit but I am used to it now. I haven’t been able to eat lollies that other people can eat but mum cooks me lollies ... (mum does the smashi lollies ...no longer trading unfortunately) – from Qld