I have started my two year old boy on an additive free diet and I can’t believe the change in him.  I had come to a point where I wanted to hurt my son because he was driving me nuts. I hadn’t a clue what from till a friend said try this diet and I’m so thankful to that friend for showing me the light in raising a great son who I now enjoy.  It’s still hard at times as we still need training in what he can and can’t have but now I know what sends him so silly and don't blame him for being a pain.

I have always watched what he was eating and thought he was eating all the right foods. How wrong I was. When I starting looking at what was in food I was shocked to see that all the foods he loved were really bad for him.

I have taken him off additives, we now do lots of baking and making foods from scratch and I watch the amount of fruit he has and what sort. He is great and loves bananas and when we go to the shop instead of asking for junk he will say mum can I have a banana. All I can say is thanks for making my son normal. – by email.