This is the diary of a salicylate food challenge with a five year old boy who suffered from two different kinds of effects, behaviour and rash. Note that effects can be delayed, build up slowly and fluctuate. Behavioural reactions are likely to occur and resolve more quickly than rash. Behavioural symptoms can depend on what is happening around the child.  Food chemicals can cause irritability resulting in tantrums when children don’t get their own way and good behaviour when they do.

Day 1 – No reaction

Day 2 - Tantrum, kicking, punching (wanted more peppermints)

Day 3 -  Punched a peer’s arm at kindy

Day 4 -  Itchy rash appeared on inside of elbow

Day 5 - Well behaved

Day 6 - Red blotches and pimples all over lower half of face, tantrum, screaming and hitting me (didn't want photo taken)

Day 7 - More blotchy and spotty, face sore and raw. (End of challenge foods)

Day 8 - Wet bed

Day 9 - Wet bed, sore tummy, sore red anus, constipated

Day10 -Wet bed, kindy complained of very small attention span, loss of concentration.

Day11 - Face clearing, no wet bed, generally seems to be getting better

Day12 - wet bed again.