My seven year old son recently developed a severe rash that covered all parts of his body after he had tried salt and vinegar chips for the first time. However we did not realise this until we saw you on Today Tonight and realised he had never had these chips before. When the rash had almost gone (it was completely covering his back, stomach and groin) he went to his nannas and had Arnotts chicken crimpy and crispy bacon biscuits (which we now know contain 635). He came home covered in a severe rash this time on his legs. He was scratching it so badly that he made his legs bleed.

I was going crazy trying to figure out what was causing it until I saw your segment. I am very grateful to you for solving this problem for me as the medication was getting expensive and I was getting nowhere with the doctors. On the first visit for the initial rash I was told he had hives and given two types of medication that didn’t work so we went back. Then we were told he had eczema and we were given a different medication. This one was working until he had the chicken crimpys and the rash came back in a different area.