Our eldest started boarding school this year and it has been both awful and wonderful. Tina is affected behaviourally by foods. Have you read the 'Animorphs' series of books for kids? Well there is a little creature called a 'yerk' that takes over people’s brains and that is how Tina describes it when she is not failsafe. It is scary for her.

Boarding school has been hell and she has been miserable, but by term 3 the staff started to take us seriously that the behaviour, social and academic problems would virtually go away if we could remove problem foods from her diet. The school counsellor is very supportive and suggested I cook cakes and biscuits to be kept in the freezer in the kitchen for her to pack her own morning teas and snacks. They are buying additive free bread for her and keeping vanilla yoghurt. When they have a roast they freeze slices of meat (not pork) for her lunches. One day they ran out and boiled eggs up just for her. She just leaves the main queue and goes to a different door and they help her. They have also purchased pats of pure butter instead of margarine. Her diet is not pure failsafe but it's heaps better and now she is so much happier. If boarding school doesn’t work out this year, she can do Distance Education next year. – by email, Qld [contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the name of the boarding school].