I let my 7 year old eat as many dried apricots as he wanted for the sulphites challenge because he’s definitely not salicylate sensitive - he ate 10 (little) whole apricots yesterday and said it was a bit hard to breathe even thought he has no known asthma problem.

Last night my son had 3 night terrors close together, where he screams and his legs cramp and he twitches.  I phoned his day care as he spoke about eating glue.  I found out it was a thing the school calls 'gloop' to tailor fine motor skills.  It is made with flour, water and (yesterday) green food colouring.

I am another recent convert - my almost 5 year old was always difficult in terms of behaviour and the term oppositional defiance describes her well - when we cut out preservatives after seeing you on TV last year she improved heaps (no more threats of violence).  Since then I have borrowed one of your books and now we don't touch flavours, colours or preservatives, WOW what a difference - I will most likely do the elimination diet in the near future to pinpoint other possible issues like salicylates etc.

Positive symptoms I've noticed since we started our elimination diet include that we all seem to eat less ... and less frequently. The children seem to be more or less satisfied with 3 meals and the odd snack. We’ve also gone from three wet beds a night to none most days so I figure the extra time I spend in preparing food is time I don't any longer spend in the laundry - a very fair trade!

Thanks for your time, Sue. I really appreciate the hours you have put into this to make it so much easier for people like me. I've seen such a huge improvement in my (I suspect ADHD) son. It's lovely to see him a happy, coping little boy. You and yours have been a great blessing to our family.

I noticed a dog food advertisement on TV recently stating "no added flavours or colours" for the health of your dog - if they do it for DOGS why not people??