Our 6 year old son’s urticaria and rhinitis have improved dramatically by avoiding cats and dustmites (for allergies) and additives annatto 160b and flavour enhancers 621-635. He is now starting to feel better, sleeping better and behaving better (previously we were told it was ADHD but I have my doubts now).

It is great to see that food intolerance and other chemical sensitivities are now getting recognition - I have spent a lot of time and energy explaining to people why I can't eat certain foods or why certain smells (paint, new carpet, nail polish) cause nausea and sometimes cause an asthmatic reaction.

Our dietician has already cleared one thing up for me - why I often find my throat closing up when eating peppermints. I had no idea that it would be a salicylate issue.

An added benefit of this plainer diet is that their tastebuds have become accustomed and now they actually eat vegies etc more than they ever used to because they don't taste so bad compared to everything else (previously highly salted and flavoured) on their plates. Since failing her amine challenge three months ago my six year old daughter has had no more amines, and no more snotty or blocked nose, nasal sprays, nightmares, sore tummy, teeth grinding, sore legs or nail biting - and her nails are growing for the first time in her life.

Your DVD opened the eyes of my family and my son's school teachers! It's really well put together, and my son was excited to be able to take a DVD to school to show his class all about his food!  - Karena, Tas.

Without your information about diet, my family would have been torn apart, purely because of the behaviour of our five year old son. He is now a pleasant person to have around - most of the time. My husband and I are also much calmer and handle our children in a far nicer way than we did previously.

I look forward to your newsletter - keep up the good work and there are more and more of us sounding the warning bell.

Food additives are a big issue with consumers and getting bigger all the time. – excerpt from an email from a failsafer to a food manufacturer – thanks to Helen.