My daughter Samantha is now eight and has been failsafe for about two years. To begin with we were making a number of errors with the diet and it wasn't until I started referring to your web pages that I was able to better refine the diet and start to work through some of the possible reasons why the diet didn't always seem to be working.

Samantha was always a fairly demanding baby but as she was our first we didn't really know any different.  As a toddler she was not the sort of child that was easy to take out to a café for lunch - sitting still wasn't something that she could do, frustrating but I could cope with that and didn't really worry about it.

The first signs that started us thinking were a little eczema after eating dried fruit and complaining of her skin burning after urinating, which seemed to be much worse after eating oranges and tomatoes.  At about the same time that we started taking note of these I met someone whose child was failsafe and I started reading about food intolerances.  It all started to make sense. Pity that we didn't find your material straight away however we fiddled around eliminating some of the very high foods from her diet. Some improvement on the skin irritations but her behaviour although not extreme was becoming noticeable at times

When Samantha went to school she was displaying some behaviours that were inappropriate. We could never really put our finger on the type of behaviour that she was displaying it was just silly inappropriate behaviour, silly noises, crawling under the desks etc. As she is a bright child we were perplexed about why she couldn't seem to understand and learn how to behave at school.  It was at about this time that we discovered your material although it was not a total success straight away. When Samantha eats food that is not failsafe it seems she displays symptoms of oppositional defiance. It took time to realise just how sensitive Samantha is and to sort out some of the common errors we were making.

We are extremely lucky as Samantha is absolutely wonderful about sticking to the diet.  I grew up on a farm where my mother did all the cooking so I guess I have learnt pretty good cooking skills. As I now cook just about everything, it does seem to be a bit of a bonus. – by email, Tasmania