My amine-sensitive asthmatic daughter has been back on Ventolin daily for the past five weeks. The only amines she gets are from lamb from our local butcher who I know well. When I rang him he said that he changed lamb supplier five weeks ago (the same time my daughter’s asthma commenced) as our local abattoir closed down, and this is complicated by the drought as the butcher will only buy large carcasses and these are not always available in the drought.

I have located another butcher who tells me his lamb is at local saleyards on Wednesday, slaughtered Thursday and they get delivery late Friday. My daughter is better today after nearly a week off lamb and hasn’t required Ventolin for the first time in five weeks. I worry as to how new failsafers would pick up things like their meat not being entirely fresh as it appears harder and harder to get. The safest butchers appear to be the 'one man' butcher i.e. small business operator who runs the old fashioned butcher shop. I have found failsafe eating harder and harder to achieve and I am experienced with the diet. This makes me very sad as I know it is the answer, just hard to achieve! – Susan, NSW