Two years ago I made the link between certain breads and my then two-year-old’s out-of-control behaviour. He had been born with reflux, and at 8 months we found he was allergic to wheat, which later became an intolerance. I have endured countless judgements from people regarding my "theories" that even preservative free breads from the supermarket still affected his behaviour considerably. Making my own bread has had a major impact on improving his behaviour, he is like a different child, but I have been struggling to find compassionate people to help me take the next step in assessing his diet further. He is a great child, but is "more excitable", "over active", "emotional". Many words have been used to describe him but I've always been told that I lack parenting skills and I am hiding behind excuses to explain his behaviour. In your website I have found people that understand me and him. In other people's stories I read my own, countless times. After years of difficult days, tears of frustration and questioning myself as a mother, I feel I've finally found people who are "on my side".  I feel validated.  – by email, Tasmania