[476] 635: Even felt suicidal (January 2006)

I have suffered from a red itchy rash for the last 7 weeks which has worked its way over most of my body. It started around the waist and moved down to my thighs and legs and then up the back of my legs and buttocks. It has also appeared on my arms and underarms, neck and eyelids. I first thought it was hives and went to the doctor who prescribed cortisone cream and antihistamine. However, the hives didn't go away just appeared less angry at times. It appears to be worse at night and my itching has driven my husband and myself mad. I have been very depressed and have had several crying bouts - I have even felt suicidal. Clothing around my waist area seems to irritate and makes me come up in welts. I have been to a naturopath and a Chinese herbalist, it sometimes looks as if is getting better but last night it was worse then ever. Then I came across your website and recognised my symptoms from the descriptions and photographs. I ate a take-away vegie burger yesterday for lunch and have also been using a stock powder (Massel brand) which contains 635 – Dianna from NSW.