I believe I have reacted to this food enhancer/additive.  About 3 weeks ago I developed red lumps/welts all over my arms and torso.  They appeared out of nowhere and caused the itchiest and annoying response I have ever experienced.  I had absolutely no idea what they were or what had caused it. They were almost like insect bites and as I have a few pets I thought maybe fleas, but found no evidence of fleas anywhere.  It wasn’t until the weekend just gone that my husband read an article in the Melbourne Herald Sun about 635 and told me that it sounded exactly like what I had/have.  Thank you for the more informative website and I will now be able to avoid certain foods that may trigger this response.  I still have a few of the sites remaining quite ‘itchy’ but nothing like the first three to four days.  I did attend my local GP who was concerned about the cause of the ‘obvious allergy’ but she was at a loss as to the cause.  I had eaten corn chips prior to the outbreak – Diane from SA.