What can we do about this??  We had Dominos pizza last night - a rarity for us. My husband had quite a reaction (itchy, headache, swelling in the mouth, muscle aches, sore chest, chest pains) and when I phoned to enquire about the ingredients they were very defensive and apprehensive about giving me a full list. I was finally advised after much frustration on my part that the olive tapenade has 635 in it (this is after he said it 'pretty much' only has olives in it). I had a mild reaction as well (itchy face, swollen mouth, itchy eyes, pain in chest).

Why don't they have to advise people that it has this nasty additive in it? A FULL ingredient listing should be provided or someone (some food authority) should make people aware that this can happen. It should be law, as I understand the consequences can be quite serious and even life threatening.  My husband didn't get to sleep until well after 2am – even though the pizza was consumed at around 7pm.  The scary thing is that I have allowed my children to have some pizza but thankfully they both declined last night. I know the onus should be on the individual to be aware of what they are eating, and hey, we all know junk food isn't good for us, but every now and then it's nice to not have to cook dinner.

We've had a radical think about fast food as well as processed food and will now just make the effort to make dinner ourselves no matter what – even if we don't feel like cooking! - sincerely annoyed Rachael by email.

(later) I did forward a copy to FSANZ (for what good it will do). And I will forward a copy to Dominos as well.  I've got extremely itchy hands today and my face is getting itchier and more sensitive as the day goes on - it's also a bit puffy and I'm sneezing lots.