Hello, I am 26 and since May have had shocking hives. I have seen an allergy specialist and he’s put me on a low allergy diet, very similar to what I have seen of yours. I have just bought Fed Up and Failsafe Cookbook today, …I am going to continue with the diet and go through the whole process and see if I have any other reactions. I will let you know the outcome. …I know at my worst (which now I am pretty sure in hindsight relate to consumption of the 600s) I was seriously ready to go to hospital and was having trouble breathing, missed 3 weeks of work in one block (then I had a month as holidays in July so I could get better which most of I was pretty sick), and have just had another 5 days of my life ruined. I think I have reached a turning point.

After sending you the email last night, I thought about what I had really done the week before I got sick. I had been really "healthy" and had consumed a cup a soup a day that contained 635 and because I was allowing myself to have a small special treat, I was having a dim sim or one chicken wing ding covered in chicken salt. And due to being sick, I wasn’t cooking from scratch as much any more using things like powered cheese sauce more than I ever had.  For the last few months I can safely say that I would have been consuming this substance at least once a week, more than likely more even if it was a small amount, usually in things like a few hot chips and gravy down the club or wonton soup for lunch or kfc on the weekend or huge amounts in cheesey pastas. No doubt, I have been unknowingly putting myself through utter hell.

I was having trouble breathing due to the swelling of my tongue and throat. My tongue felt like it was bitten really hard and I had difficulty swallowing, even water.  I haven’t talked about it  much because my family and boyfriend would freak if they knew how bad it was. I got through it by using the breathing method I learnt when I had whooping cough. I have constantly suffered for a swollen throat (not huge, but a slight discomfort) for along time and have had trouble taking tablets etc without my throat been red because it was swollen.

[See] a picture of me at my most beautiful. The funny thing is, I had to show the people I worked with and friends the pictures because I don’t think they quite believed me that I have such a problem. They have come up with some good nick names for me. Notice my left eye is slightly puffy too. They also have puffed up a few times, sometimes, like the lips, worse than other times. In this picture, it took about 2 days before they went back to a reasonable level. And this hurt. I could feel the fluid seeping into my lips. Usually, my lips swell the day before I have a major rash. The welts I had at times were as more than a couple of mills off my body. The most painful ones were probably on my breasts or on the inner thigh. As you already know, they itch like nothing else. I remember getting bitten by jelly fish and sea lice over the years, I always had a bad reaction needing a bit of Phenergan but this is ten times worse. My boyfriend kicked me out of bed a few times at first because he could not handle my moving around. Now, he understands I can’t help it.

(later) I am feeling better every day in my actual body, but I am still getting the hives all over my body. They are smaller and less itchy, but it seems like they are in places they really haven’t been much before. Last night my lip puffed up a little so it now looks like I have a cold sore, and I have about ten spots on my face. They aren’t itchy, and like all the other ones on my body now, they aren’t as red or welt like as before, just smaller and more of them. I am guessing that this is the last of this leaving my system, but it is just a worry that 12 days after I last consumed 635 I am still affected. Can this take this long to leave? Are there other cases of it taking this long? I am still following the failsafe diet to the t.

Even though the rash is worse, I definitely feel better in the head, much clearer and waking up not tired. My pmt this month is a bit better and I have less bloating and tenderness, not that it was that bad, but I can never figure out how when on the pill, the body knows to bloat up. Guess its just the extra hormones that have built up. Have checked pill packet, only got them in July, halfway through breakouts.- Alison, NSW.