[482] 635: Safeway marinated chicken “really thinking of offing myself” (January 2006)

On Thursday night my husband bought some marinated chicken at Safeway supermarket! I thought it tasted wonderful and really enjoyed it. Then the next day I woke up I looked like I had been bitten by some insects. I am allergic to insect bites so I didn't think anything of it. As the day went on it got worse I was at work and my whole legs broke out in the most severe itchy rash ever. I knew that there was something wrong the day before I went to beach I thought I was allergic to the salt water, when how could this be I’ve been to the beach my whole life.

By the time I got home from work, I was itching like crazy I put calamine lotion on it and it seemed to give me some relief, but it just kept on. At this stage I was worried I was alone, I thought I had caught a fatal disease like hepatitis or some thing, I was thinking suicidal thoughts, I suffer from depression and I was really thinking of offing myself, I tried to call family and friends no one was home. In desperation I went on the Internet to self diagnose myself. I typed in ‘rash’ in google not knowing what to look for. Your website came up at one of the top 10 searches. When I read the stories, some of them I could relate to but others I wasn't sure and still had some doubt. Then I thought back to the chicken, rang my husband he rang Safeway supermarket and they told him yes that it contained the flavour enhancer 635.

By the time my husband came home I had a rash everywhere over my body except my face - they were hives, some the size of 20 cent coins all over me big welts everywhere. I went the emergency department at Monash Medical Hospital in Melbourne, we talked the doctors and nurses about your website. I was at the emergency ward for three hours that night I was prescribed two medicines Promethazine hc1 (phenergan) Prednisolone (panafcortelone) an antihistamine and steroid. After two hours the welts and swelling began to calm down. I will be taking these medicines for the next three days.

Since suffering from this I am not buying any foods with additives in them. I am going to shop organic where ever possible. I have had to miss days of work before of this rash and I even contemplated suicide if it was for your website I don’t know what I would have done, thank you so much – Rachel.