Our 1 year old twin boys started reacting to something they were eating about 2 months ago. It seemed to happen after they had eaten a sandwich.  At first we thought it was the food acid in the jam or cream cheese so we eliminated these from their diet.  But a couple of days later they had a reaction after eating bread with Devondale Extra Soft butter on it.  We looked at the ingredients and came across 635.  We had only been using this butter for about 2 months. We have stopped using this butter and will continue to watch out for 635 in other products.  The boys’ reaction entailed an itchy red and blotchy welt-like rash on their face and a severe and painful nappy rash all over their bottoms and genital area.  We hope that this flavour enhancer and the associated reactions become general public knowledge and 635 is banned from use – Katrina from Brisbane, Qld. (Note this product no longer contains 635 after pressure from the Food Intolerance Network).