I am a 33 year old mother of two who had a severe allergic reaction last Sunday and was sick for a week.  I woke up Sunday morning with a red angry blotchy rash all over my body and my legs were burning.  I said to my husband to call an ambulance as I nearly fainted and felt like vomiting at the same time.  The next day a doctor put me on Prednisolone tablets which I was on for a week.  I also took antihistamines and smothered myself in Calamine lotion but nothing seemed to ease the rash which turned to severe hives all over my body.  I couldn't sleep and would be awake in the night clawing at my skin for some relief.  I ended up bathing in Pinetarsol Solution which eased the itching.  I was told that looking for the cause of the reaction was like "looking for a needle in a haystack" and I could not think of anything I had done differently.  So to see your story last night about 635 was fantastic as I could immediately relate to the people in the story.  I am sure it was from eating the Continental Oriental Fried Rice packet mix on Friday night and also Saturday night for tea.  I had a slight rash on my stomach on Saturday afternoon but it wasn't until Sunday morning that the severe reaction occurred.  I checked my cupboards and 635 was also in Continental Macaroni Cheese as well.  Let’s hope it can be removed from foods before someone has a fatal reaction.

[later] I wish I had taken photos.  I have thought a lot about the feeling of passing out and feeling like throwing up at the same time.  I am wondering if it was a shock reaction of looking at my body covered all over in an awful rash and not knowing what it was.  Although my entire body was swollen at the time particularly my stomach, neck and face.  So maybe it was a bit of both. I feel so much better now I am avoiding food with any of the 600 numbers in them.  I have actually lost a lot of weight.  I could never understand why I couldn't lose weight and would feel bloated a lot of the time.  I was even asked one time at a visit to an osteopath whether I was feeling ok because she thought something was wrong with my intestines as I was extremely bloated.  It was suggested that if the swelling didn't go down I should get it checked out by a doctor – Carolyn by email.