My 2 year old son came out in a raised rash which we had no clue what it was ... I told my mother-in-law and she just happened to mention that they had a TV program on a rash that came out after eating foods with Flavour Enhancer 635.

When I looked on the internet and saw the photos of the rash, it looked exactly like the one he had.  Then I remembered that at the time I first saw the rash on him it was at Pony Club the previous Sunday and I was out with my 5 year old son riding and my husband was back at the car minding the 2 year old.  That morning when I was with the other child riding, the 2 year old told my husband he was hungry, so he got him some Arnott's Shapes (I think Chicken Crimpy) out of our picnic basket.

We usually have a barbecue lunch with all members when they finish riding, but this must have only been early.  At lunch time when I went back to the car I noticed that half to three quarters of the box had been eaten and asked my husband if he had any and he said "No".  Usually we don't like him to eat more than a couple of crackers, and try and give him more substantial stuff as his diet is poor as it is not being able to have fruit and most veges.  As my husband was studying, and not watching him too carefully, the 2 yr old had devoured so many of these.

I realised when I saw your web-site that this is what has caused this raised rash.  He has eaten so many, and it has affected him.  Normally too, we don't usually give him that brand of crackers.  I have since checked the couple of different brands of crackers we normally give him and they do not contain Flavour Enhancer 635.  My 5 yr old had wanted these to get the Tongue card out of them.

In the future I will not ever be buying these, and my mother-in-law and our family will check everything for this flavour enhancer, BEFORE purchasing anything.

P.S. I saw the Arnott's Shapes biscuits were reduced in price this week (very cheap) at Woolworths, and when I was shopping there last night, plenty of people were putting them in their trolleys ... I felt like putting a sign up on the shelf in front of them warning people not to buy them ! – Dale from Sydney.