Thank god for people like you!  I saw a segment on A Current Affair tonight and talking about 635.  Instantly it explained my frightening rash.

I have never had a skin reaction to anything before but within hours of eating Coles Instant Noodles (with 635 - I just checked) I broke out in big welts on my thighs.  They spread up my tummy to my chest, under my arms and down my arms.  It was so frightening.  I went to the doctor and he couldn't identify it beyond saying I'd probably eaten something.  By the time I got home it was up my neck and half way up my face.

The antihistamines he gave me helped somewhat.  When I woke up in the morning it was almost gone but then it reoccurred during the day and if anything was worse.  By the time that night came my ankles had swollen and my skin was red and tight and very hot.  It came and went for three to four days. Now I know what to stay away from - if I can – Denise by email.