I have suffered terribly from this additive for a few years now becoming extremely ill whenever I eat anything that contains 635. I have to be so careful what I eat as I become extremely ill where I have to spend 5 to 7 days in bed, with very severe headaches, where even the strongest painkiller gives no relief. Then there is the vomiting for up to 4 days, where I cannot even keep a sip of water down. I would imagine food poisoning would be similar to what I go through. I often feel like I could die, or if not, I almost wish that I could, as I feel so ill and the pain in my head is so severe. It is not always possible to know what I am eating, as some things are not clearly marked, and restaurants do not tell you the truth either, as they are just not aware of how ill a person with this allergy can get.

So, I am fighting a losing battle where I can eat less and less these days, which is becoming very frustrating! I hope you can continue to publicise this problem to make these manufacturers aware of how much many people are suffering. What was wrong with foods before all these additives? Why can't we get back to the basics? I hope this clarifies it a bit more for you, and hope that someday, someone can do something to stop companies from "poisoning" half the population. Because believe me, when you suffer from this only once a month, it does ruin your life – Trudy by email.