I am 57 years of age last October I got asthma and since then have been rushed to hospitals and doctors with hives and swollen lips and a rise in body heat where I feel like I am burning and my blood pressure rises all of  which is very frightening. I have to have an injection of phenergan at that time and am monitored until my body settles and I also take zyrtec on a daily basis and carry a puffer.

Neither the doctor nor myself have been able to pinpoint the cause of these allergic reactions - is it wine? is it peanuts? all the questions with no answers where I have tried to introduce the things I thought may cause it but when I try I gag at the thought because it is so frightening but the next thing I know I am reacting again and not knowing what caused it made me too frightened to get on a train or a plane where I would be confined to not be able to get immediate medical attention.

My brother told me of the ACA segment on food additives and as I had missed it I went onto the site and I am so relieved to now know exactly and I emphasize exactly what it is that is causing these allergic reactions. When I think back to the potato chips, the pie, and the Woolworths chicken. Not that this makes it right it just makes it that now I know but the question remains Why? Why is it allowed to be used? MSG caused such an uproar that people stopped buying products with it added so now another additive is just as bad or worse. I am sure that this additive has caused deaths. When are the companies going to stop using it? When they are being sued? Maybe everyone who has had a reaction to this drug should band together and take on the Companies so that they realize the danger to our lives.

[later] I was so careful yesterday to what I ate during the day and shopped for groceries reading all labels and today I awoke with no hives and no swelling. Such a relief.

When I was at Woolworths purchasing the groceries I asked at the chicken section for the ingredients in the basting etc of the chickens and an employee took out the book of ingredients in their food supplies and read it out to me and there was additive  635 being used in the stuffing so I will not purchase any more chickens from there and I would have purchased one every week as well as when having parties I would purchase 3 to 4. I will assist in any way possible in the future
with this additive being withdrawn from use.

[later] I wrote to you last week regarding my allergies and I have had no reactions since refraining from using 635 - Elaine of Rockhampton QLD