I recently had two serious anaphylactic reactions which I attribute to 635.

- 12 Dec 02 Went to bed at 11pm (6 hours after I'd eaten some pizza shapes) awoke at 1am with fully swollen tongue, difficulty breathing, unable to speak. No rash, no asthma - in fact no other symptoms. Spent 2 days at the Alfred Hospital.

- 01 Jan 03  Developed a rash which moved around my body all day. Hot, moving spots. Awoke at 3.00am next morning with same reaction as above - swollen tongue, unable to speak, but with the rash continuing and with chest pains.  Used an Epi Pen to relieve symptoms and spent the day at the Alfred Hospital. No known cause of this episode

There was a third reaction, more mild, which was relieved by tablets.

In each case, prior to the reaction, I experienced extreme chronic tiredness. Had to cancel New Year's Eve arrangements, due to tiredness. Have undergone complete tests through allergist at Alfred Hospital, with no result - Gail from NSW