I recently developed a deep red rash around my mouth which progressively got worse whereby my lips became incredibly swollen and I experienced a severe burning sensation.  It also started to spread to my eyelids and became extremely dry and itchy.

I started to eliminate new products I'd purchased, for instance, hair goods and face washes.

Finally my mother heard about 635 and rang me to enquire if I had been eating anything with this food additive.  I instantly went to the bin to retrieve the packaging from the rice crackers I had been eating and sure enough there it was.  I instantly stopped consuming these crackers and have avoided any products since which contain 635.  The rash has disappeared and there has been no re-occurrence since.

I would also like to add that in conjunction with my mouth and my eyes, I experienced a dryness on my scalp at the back of my ears.  One Sunday, when the rash on my mouth became quite severe, I visited a doctor at a Bulk Bill Clinic, who took one look at my scalp and diagnosed it as dermatitis, suggested I use an anti-dandruff shampoo (even though I told him I didn't suffer from dandruff) and he prescribed a cortisone product to use.  I explained that I had been using a cortisone cream, previously supplied by a chemist, and although I experienced some relief to my eyelids it really didn't assist with my mouth or my scalp.  He strongly insisted that's what it was and cortisone was the best option, and if that if it didn't improve I should come back and he would refer me to a dermatologist.  I checked with the pharmacist and found that the prescription would have cost me $25 for a very small bottle of drops.  I chose not to purchase this product and was very angry and frustrated by the whole experience.   Shortly after my visit to the Doctor I discovered the real cause of my rash.  I appreciate that doctors are unable to know every new ailment that occurs, however, firstly I felt like I was brushed off without any real consideration of my problem.  Let's face it, when your lips are red raw and swollen like mine were, you've got a legitimate problem.  And secondly, if I was able to discover the cause of my complaint with relative ease then I do question whether this doctor is adequately keeping up-to-date with what's going on around him. Perhaps I should drop off a copy of the fact sheet to the surgery?

I am prepared to go through testing if it helps to raise awareness and get this food additive removed from food products and I will be telling everyone I know to avoid products containing 635 - Jan of Mt Evelyn.