Here is another story that is now "making sense" given the many I've read on your webpage.

During the final week of my first pregnancy I developed a rash that looked precisely like the ones in the photos on your webpage.  It was on both my legs and similar to the other stories, the itch was maddening and sleep was impossible (given that I was at term this didn't bother the doctors).  My GP sent me to a dermatologist who prescribed oral steroids and colloidal creams, which had no effect.  I was told it was probably just pregnancy, and as with another of your stories, the rash cleared up after the baby was born.  As this was five years ago you would think I'd have trouble remembering a specific food cause, but funnily enough one of the things I've always remembered fondly about this period was the lack of guilt I felt for eating takeaway chicken 3-4 nights a week.  It was 35 degrees outside and I didn't feel like cooking.  When I came home from hospital my Mum was there and helped with the cooking.  We ate no more take away from that shop.

What I am now thinking about is the fact that my son was diagnosed with anaphylaxis related to extreme food allergies at age 5 months.  His main problems are dairy, egg and peanut, but even with a total avoidance of these triggers, he usually has a blocked nose and dry, itchy skin.  My second son has asthma and to date, touch wood, my daughter has excellent health.  I have been told by doctors that the milk I drank whilst breastfeeding probably exacerbated my eldest's food allergies, but I am now wondering about the food additive issue in late pregnancy.  I realise that until we get the issue of food additives on the agenda for primary sufferers, there is no chance of research into the effect on unborn babies, but I am voicing my concern on both issues nonetheless.  I came to your site after an article in the paper about food additives and behaviour issues, I am now thinking about the ramifications for our family's overall health.  I will now start looking at additives in our diet and take note of any changes - Jane from NSW