I am not sure whether I am a sure case, but your article on ACA definitely made me think about my problem and mysterious itching. I have been waking with welts on my body, not unlike mozzie bites, but extremely itchy, and quite hard. Thinking there was a spider or something similar in my bed, I changed the bedding, and spray my room before retiring to bed every night. But still they would mysteriously appear. I got them on my hips, breasts, legs and arms, not many, but enough to be worrisome.

Now I know more about 635, I am willing to put these itches down to the snack-sized packet of chips that I have been eating every day after work (I usually only have them once a week, but have been on teaching rounds and come home starving!) Add that to the Asian food I have eaten, plus the many gravies and sauces, I may have just found the cause of my problems. Now, I must leave you, to go and scratch my itches! – Fairlie by email.