I have recently had my 2 year old daughter at the hospital for an ear and throat infection, while waiting for the doctor she had a packet of Smiths BBQ chips. Within 10mins the left half of her face started to swell then her right, within 7 mins her whole face was swollen. Luckily I was at the hospital when this happened as they thought they would have to give her adrenalin to help her breath, but because they were able to administer antihistamine and Ventolin straight away she was fine and we could take her home after a few hours. I think a warning of some kind would help, so if it happens to someone's child they may know what it is, or better still maybe they could change the additives to something else that can not harm or kill. If I had not been at the hospital it may have killed my daughter.

I would not like anyone to have to go through that, I was lucky to be in the hospital and have been told not to let her eat anything like that more than 5mins from a hospital – Rebecca, ACT.