My son had been covered in a skin rash all over arms and legs for several weeks and I couldn’t seem to get rid of it. It seemed to be getting worse and more severe.  He is susceptible to asthma, allergies and has had mild cases of eczemas - so after all attempts to clear it took him to doctor.  She said it wasn’t any skin allergy and could possible be a viral or staph infection and gave him antibiotics.  It really didn’t improve after medication.

My sister heard a radio interview on Adelaide 5AA talking about side effects of this food additive 635 - and thought it sounded very much like skin irritation of my son.

He loves flavoured chips and 2 minute noodles.  So since hearing about 635 I have been religious about reading labels and have kept him off 635 to best of my ability.  The skin irritation has gone and has not reoccurred again – Sally by email.