It started out as what I thought was a cold sore on my lower abdomen…It wasn't until the size of the rashes grew that I knew I wasn't dealing with cold sores. I now have three areas on my lower torso with a fourth area trying hard which are covered with this rash. The itch is unbearable at times. I try not to itch but sometimes I catch myself out and it's too late.

By this stage I was getting a bit worried as to what was the cause for the rash. I ruled out shingles because there was no pain as such just the itch. It wasn't until I saw the report on 635 on the website that I thought it was a food allergy. The description of the rash on the website was very close to my rash so I decided to look into any foods that had been eating and sure enough there they were.

In Lays Sour Cream and Chives and the new Spicy BBQ Kettle Chips I found they had the additive and it just so happened that there was a special on Kettle Chips so I purchased a couple of the large packets (200 or 250gm) and polished them off over the period of about 3 or 4 days. That was when the huge break out occurred. The initial outbreaks would have coincided with me trying the new Kettle Chips which would have been one packet a week which would account for them seeming to go away.

I now check every label when I purchase them because this rash has severely affected my quality of living. I am an aerobics instructor and the rash sits just under my leggings waistband and my microphone belt. I am extremely embarrassed and hanging out for the day I don't have this hideous itch.

(later) Since my initial e-mail I have discovered it was probably not just the chips which caused the rash. It was more likely the combination of a lot more foods than I thought. I went through my cupboards this evening and was horrified to find that most of the packaged pastas had either 635 or 627. The new Pasta stops which are heavily advertised on television at the moment, the macaroni and cheese has 635 and I was eating these at the time I was eating the chips.

Are you aware that 635 is in Greenseas Salsa Tuna. That really blew my mind. I was actually eating it when I read the label. I honestly did not expect it to be in Tuna but there it was.

It's quite disturbing to think we have to check every label when shopping. What is this world coming too? Here’s hoping for a 635 free world – Sharon, Melbourne.