I am a 25 yo man from Melbourne, with no history of allergies what so ever. After catching only the end of the Current Affair segment on 635 I felt not only anger (that they are putting this crap in food!) but a great sense of relief - as for 6 months now - I have been getting severe reactions - without being able to pinpoint the culprit.  For 6 months I have been suffering from hives, itchiness, and severe swelling of the lips and tongue to the point where I couldn't talk properly.  I have seen allergy specialists who charged me a couple of hundred dollars to tell me they have no idea!  And so have been living on antihistamines to prevent the reactions.

Thank you for your exposé on this "poison".  I believe many people out there are suffering - but are just taking antihistamines and living with the problem. If there's anything we can do to help your cause in getting this rubbish off the shelves - be sure to let us know!!!!!!! – Yianni, Victoria.