I read in the newsletter that you were interested in reports about improvement in PMT and infertility and the diet.  Prior to failsafe I was having irregular cycles, really really bad irritability for almost two weeks prior to my period and bleeding which sometimes lasted for three weeks for each cycle. I had sore breasts from about day 17 of each cycle, sometimes they were so bad I couldn't hug my little boy without being in pain.  Since being on the diet I no longer have sore breasts prior to my period.  I only have very mild irritability about a day or two prior to my period and I am having 27 day cycles every month with bleeding only lasting about 5 or 6 days and no clotting.  Also, my period pain has lessened a great deal too.

I have been trying for 2 and a half years to conceive and I'm now hoping I will be able to get pregnant if I stay on the diet.  It took 13 months to become pregnant with my first child.  My PMS seemed to become worse after I had my son. – by email