I have just read the IBS misdiagnosis story ([537], Jan 2007). After countless examinations, a colonoscopy, a couple of (very nice) women's physios, being told by a "bum specialist/surgeon" to lose weight and get fit (I lost 13kg, got fit), I still have my IBS. The basic solution I was offered by a specialist physio was to reduce stress, avoid cream, butter and rich, spicy food - a couple of failsafe tips there, but not enough. Yet another '"bum specialist/surgeon", not gastroenterologist, suggested a good dose of Epsom Salts to clear any backlog (not a regular occurrence, just when needed) and glycerine suppositories to relieve constipation. I and my kids have some other signs of food intolerance. Looks like I'm in for a rough time until I adopt the full failsafe regime and find out what our intolerances are – by email.