I'm just reading the latest FIN newsletter (#51) and came across Reader's Story [539] “The school counsellor … went on to tell me that it is coincidence that withdrawing a food substance or chemical would have a positive effect on our daughter. She then proceeded to tell me that Lily probably has Aspergers and that the paediatrician probably didn't want to tell me that. I am feeling so enraged. She hasn't even met Lily.”

As a Psychologist who used to work in education, I am so disappointed for this family. There seem to be a number of responses that I would hope were the exception rather than the rule of a counsellor's professional practice. Diagnosis should never be made without interaction with the person in-question. Theory and empirical-based study are important, however that "importance" should be balanced with a few other thoughts - 1)  the causes/criteria for illness are frequently "refined" over years despite each change being based on the alleged omniscience of empirical data, and 2) life on earth has never been 100% contained and explained by research based theory - there are always exceptions, and to dismiss the possibility (particularly when the individual has possibly never done a literature search on the topic themself) is to choose ignorance. Carl Jung made a profound statement on this - "Learn your theories as well as you can, but put them aside when you touch the miracle of a living soul." I know the difficulties I face getting parents and other professionals to even consider diet as a factor in their children's behaviour and/or learning challenges. I want to commend and encourage these parents for their intentional pursuit of their child's wellbeing. Perhaps a respectful suggestion to visit (or provision of) the extraordinary list of research links on the FIN website might open the eyes and mind of this counsellor. In the end, it is still our responsibility as parents to make decisions (albeit informed decisions) for our children - not doctors, not teachers and not counsellors. Well done for standing firm. – Psychologist, by email (Note that we now have a number of failsafe-sympathetic psychologists on our list of health professionals – you can obtain the list by emailing Howard: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)