My maternal health nurse suggested that I contact you about my 18-month-old son’s sensitive ears. They were tested when he was young and were fine. He has started speaking a few words and seems to comprehend things you ask him to do, but when he is around noise he cries his eyes out and needs to be taken away, simple things like singing happy birthday in a group, a group clapping, and sporting venues will bring it on. He also puts his fingers in his ears and blocks them every now and again as if they are annoying him. He eats a lot of organic veg and fruit. [two months later …] I bought your cookbook and started cutting down on tomatoes, dried fruits and fresh fruit, and I have noticed a huge change. We even took him to the soccer in Melbourne. We’ve done that before, but it ended in screaming and us leaving! This time he was fantastic, we stayed for the whole game and he loved it. The noise didn’t bother him at all. If I feed him spaghetti or anything with lots of tomatoes, he holds his ears and tells me 'ouch, ouch'. – by email, Vic [See hyperacusis symptom discussion]