I would like to add my objection with regard to the recently approved flavour enhancer 635. In August of 2006 I developed a rash over various areas of my body. Scratching resulted in raised welts, little sleep and caused quite a disruption to my life at work and home.

My local GP referred me to a dermatologist at a hospital in Victoria. The usual allergy tests were negative and 2 lots of blood tests were normal. His suggestion to control my symptoms was to keep on taking up to 4 (24 hour) anti-histamines per day. I then consulted a naturopath/kinesiologist in December and am continuing on with this treatment.

All of the above has cost me not only money, but has taken an emotional toll through tiredness and the feeling of, 'Will this ever stop?'

I stumbled across your reports of 635 earlier this year, but as I was at the stage of trialing a gluten free diet, didn't follow up. Then a few weeks back I made chop suey and pumpkin soup using my traditional 30-year-old recipe. I ate the chop suey for tea and the soup for lunch the next day. The itch had started to calm down over the few weeks preceding, but after the lot above, I itched for a good four days. Guess what? Flavour Enhancer 635 is in the packets of Chicken Noodle Soup
(which I have been using for 33 years in my chop suey and other recipes), and the dry stock powder also has 635.

Trial and error has shown me in a really rotten way, that anything I use with 635 gives me the itch, the rash and the ‘what is going on’ feeling. I have now also reacted to [dry stock powder containing Hydrolysed vegetable protein (Maize Derived) and yeast extract] as well as [flavoured rice crackers with Vegetable protein extract (Soy Derived) and yeast extract]. I am starting to think that 635 has triggered off a yeast sensitivity. - by email [Vegetable Protein extract, yeast extract and Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein are a way of adding MSG to foods without saying so. It is common for people who have suffered from long term Ribo rash to become more sensitive to other sources of MSG, and sometimes to other foods as well - S].